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Graveyard Service


The Muslim cemetery (Riaz-ul-Jannah) is managed and maintained by the Graveyard Committee of the Islamic Society of Greenville. The cemetery is located on 10 acres of land in Ware Shoals, Laurens County, SC (about 50 miles from the Greenville Masjid on Wade Hampton Blvd.).


Current layout of the cemetery (updated: 05/25/2024)


In Case of Death

Contact Information:

M. Taha Kasim      (218) 269-2635

Abdulrahim Patel  (864) 421-2003

Sami Makhtoub     (864) 207-0739



The links below provide more detailed information about the burial process:



Please carefully complete the burial forms and email them to the Graveyard Committee at secretary@greenvillemasjid.com. 

Click here for burial forms.


Funeral Information:

Steps to take in case of death: Call the Graveyard Committee as soon as possible. Provide all the information. Graveyard Committee will make arrangement with a funeral home to ...

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Riaz-ul-Jannah (Ware Shoals, SC --- Muslim Cemetery)


FROM: Islamic Center (96 Meridian Ave Taylors, SC 29687)   


1. Turn RIGHT on Wade ...

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About the Cemetery:

Riaz-ul-Jannah Cemetery is a private Muslim cemetery. A unit of Islamic Society of Greenville, Spartanburg & Clemson ...

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Charter, Rules and Regulations

All Muslim residents belonging to the above described counties shall have the right to be buried in the Riaz-ul Jannah ...

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Click here for templates of Islamic Will.


Board of Trustees:


Mohammed Makba   

Dr. Ahmed Abdeladl  

Hafeez Chaudry       

Dr. Ameen Memon    

Nidal Mefleh