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Directions to the Cemetery:

Riaz-ul-Jannah (Ware Shoals, SC --- Muslim Cemetery)

FROM: Islamic Center (96 Meridian Ave Taylors, SC 29687)   

1. Turn RIGHT on WADE HAMPTON BLVD (US-29) --- drive 1.6 Miles

2. Turn LEFT on SC-291 S  near Red Lobster and continue on SC-291 S --- drive 8.2 miles

3. SC-291 S becomes Augusta Road and than US-25 S. Continue on US-25 S. --- drive 27.4 miles

4. Take the exit ramp for Hwy SC-252 

5. Turn LEFT on SC-252 --- drive 0.3 miles

6. Turn RIGHT on INDIAN MOUND ROAD after crossing 25 Overhead Bridge --- drive 4.9 miles

7. Turn LEFT on W SULLIVAN ROAD (Gravel Road)

Second property with chain link fence is the cemetery

Riaz-Ul-Jannah Address:

134, W Sullivan Road, Ware Shoals, SC 29692

Approximate Distance = 43 Miles

Approximate Travel Time = 1 Hour