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As-salamu alaykum, Brothers and Sisters,



Alhumduliallah, we have launched a Membership Portal feature of MOHID. Now , you will be able to sign up to become an ISG Member electronically. NO MORE PAPER FORMS are needed to be completed and submitted to the Executive Committee Members.


Here is the process:


A. If you have already submitted your 2023 Membership Forms, please enroll in MOHID using the process below. You will not be charged for your membership fees again. Just send a brief email to the Treasurer (treasurer@greenvillemasjid.com) stating you have already submitted and paid your dues for 2023.


B. Existing ISG members who are already enrolled in ACH, please enroll in MOHID. Your membership and contributions will continue to be obtained via pre-existing ACH method.


1. Click on this following button to apply.

2. Fill out the form and please create your Login ID. Password will be generated by the system and will be sent in a later step

3.  You will receive an email asking you to confirm your email address

4.  Once email is confirmed, the Executive Committee will review and approve/deny based on the requirements of ISG Constitution which are two:

a.   A member must be a Muslim and 18 years or older

b.   A first time member requires a sponsor which can be any existing member of the ISG in good standing

5.  After approval, a new email will be sent to your email address with a link prompting to pay for your membership

6.   In the final step, you will obtain your username and a system generated password with a link. Please bookmark/save the link and your credentials

And, that’s it, you are enrolled!