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Rules and Regulations:



All Muslims residents belonging to the above described counties shall have the right to be buried in the Riaz-ul Jannah Upstate Muslim cemetery regardless of their  following of school of thought or muzhab.


No reservation for the grave site(s) will be permitted. Only the grave site immediately next to an occupied one, in compliance with the master plan, will be used.


No structure shall be allowed a top the grave site except for the official grave markers which will be installed by cemetery committee.


Placing of Headstone is not recommended in Islam. However, the cemetery management will install the Headstone upon request from the family of the deceased. The headstone will include the information of the name (as per Burial Registration Form), the dates of birth and death and the lot number. The family of the deceased will be required to pay the cost (Headstone & installation) to the cemetery fund.


The cemetery management reserves the right to demolish any structure or plantings that violate the above rules or structure that violate the Islamic Shariah, as interpreted by the board of trustees, without prior notice.


The body of the deceased Muslim, upon authorization by a family member, will be recovered from the residence, hospital, or hospice (within the above eight counties) by Watkins, Garrett & Woods Mortuary. Inc., and transferred to the washing facility at the Greenville Islamic center at Wade Hampton. Upon completion of Janaza prayer the body will be transferred to the burial site located on W. Sullivan Rd. in Ware Shoal in Laurens  county. The burial time will be determined and announced by the cemetery management. The family of the deceased Muslim will be required to sign burial request documents for any of the above to occur


After signing of burial documents the management will authorized the grave digger to dig a grave in the grave lot assigned by the management at the earliest possible time.


The information on total cost associated with the burial will be shared with the family of the deceased. A donation from the family will be thankfully accepted to cover the cost. However, if the family is not in a situation to bear the entire cost of the burial, the charity account established in the name of the cemetery shall bear the remaining cost.


It shall be the responsibility of the family to get the body released from the hospital or hospice and take care of legal issues associated with the release of the body to the funeral home.


The family of the deceased shall have the option for the use of other approved burial sites, like Prince Fort cemetery or any other cemetery of their choice. However, in such cases the arrangement for the grave digging, transportation and burial, etc., and the entire cost associated with the burial shall be the responsibility of the family of the deceased. The family shall also have the option for the use of part of services like washing facility with prior arrangement with the management.


It is preferred that the immediate family members shall perform the washing of the deceased body. All the necessary supplies and the shroud (Kafan) will be made available to the family. However, if the family needs help for washing of the body (Ghusl), trained volunteers will be made available to perform washing (Ghusl) upon request to the washing committee authorized person.


In case where the family or friend of the deceased “unknown person” claims that he was a Muslim and request burial in the Muslim cemetery, witness of a known member of the Muslim community shall be required for receiving the privilege of burial in the Riaz-ul Jannah cemetery.


Embalming the body is not recommended in Islam. However, if the body needs to be


Transported outside United State then embalming the body is required by the Law.  In  such cases the family of the deceased shall make arrangement for embalming with Watkins, Garrets & Woods Mortuary Inc., or any other mortuary of their choice at their own expense. Washing of the body may still be performed at the washing facility after embalming .


The documents of rules and regulations for the burial at Riaz-ul Jannah Muslim cemetery are subject to revision as deemed necessary by the board of trustees. Any revision may also be retrospectively for compliance.